We are a company that has the capability to quickly respond and adapt to the needs of our clients

ABC Support Services

Is dedicated in supporting our clients service needs on land, ships, and offshore platforms in the Caribbean, and South America.

ABC Support Solutions is formed from a joint venture of a local Aruban company with more than 9 years of experience in the hospitality and construction business and an American company with more than 16 years of experience in the construction and management of camps and relive centers across the United States Of America and the Caribbean Islands.


Our passionate team oversees the welfare and quality work of our employees, contributing to achieving their life projects together with the growth and development of the organizations we work with.

We have become experts in designing, managing and delivering a full range of comprehensive service solutions to a large portfolio of clients throughout the Caribbean, with a focus on creating an outstanding experience for the people we serve.
ABC Support Solutions has a long-standing and deep knowledge of both camp and emergency camp operations in all types of environment, HQs, camps, offshore platforms, etc. ABC Support Solutions is a Caribbean leader in these services.
Ability to Mobilize Quickly and Efficiently
The ABC Support Solutions team offers our clients the advantage of being able to mobilize immediately upon notification of award. ABC Support Solutions has demonstrated its ability to mobilize for large- and small-scale projects time and time again.
Commitment to Employees
ABC Support Solutions is committed to its employees, the people who make our success possible. All our employees are treated fairly, provided with proper training and given the opportunity for advancement. This commitment in turn benefits our clients. Simply stated, the better we take care of our employees, the better they will take care of our clients and their jobsite personnel.
Local Content
ABC Support Solutions makes significant contributions to the local economies in the areas in which we operate. This commitment to the maximization of local content has been repeated wherever ABC Support Solutions works, including the Caribbean, and North & South America.
Innovative Approaches
We are proud of the 25 years of service to our clients. As a service-oriented company however, we can never rest on past accomplishments and continually ask ourselves, “How can we do this better?”
Doing the Little Things
We believe that there are qualitative and measurable differences that separate ABC Support Solutions from its competitors.

There is no secret to what we do; it’s how we do it. We do simple things extraordinarily well, day after day. We do what we have to do, and we do it as well as we possibly can.


ABC has demonstrated withing years its ability to mobilize for large- and small-scale projects time and time again.

This fact makes the optimum partner in bringing the best of both worlds when subcontracting or partnering with our local subcontractors and employees wherever it makes the most economical sense and therefore delivering the best value to your business.

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